Event Management Services


Whether your non-profit is planning a gala, a fundraising auction or a community event, Five Star Premier Events will work with you to devise an event experience that will meet your goals and exceed guests' expectations.  No detail is too large or small when it comes to the success of your event.  Based on your individual needs, we can assist you in a variety of services that could include:

  • Venue Selection

  • Site Layout

  • Decor & Theme Design

  • Vendor Sourcing

  • Detailed Timelines & Scheduling 

  • Event Budgeting & Invoicing

  • Emergency Communication Strategy

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Our team will handle all the logistics to ensure that every aspect of your event will run smoothly.  We will be on site to manage every detail from load-in to load-out ensuring a successful and memorable event experience for you and your guests. With Five Star Premier Events handling all of the logistics, you will then have the time to give your established and perspective donors the individualized attention they deserve.

  • Load-In & Load-Out Logistics

  • Registration

  • Event Volunteer Personnel Management

  • Special Event Permits

  • Food & Beverage Coordination

  • Entertainment Coordination

  • Venue & Security Logistics

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When it comes to fundraising every aspect of your event should be tailored to enhance your guests' experience. That's why we incorporate the GivingXChange event management tool into our services.  The success of your fundraising relies heavily on your ability to create an enjoyable and memorable event for your guests, we can help you do that.

  • Guest Check-In Software

  • Auction Management

  • Secure Payment Billing & Tracking System

  • Receipt Management 

  • Donation Tracking Software

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Promotion & Publicity

You can't have a successful event without attendees, so let Five Star Premier Events help you make sure your event is on everyone's radar.  Through the utilization of strategic communication techniques across multiple platforms, our marketing experts will develop a customized promotional plan for your target audience. Various strategies may include:

  • Event Website Landing Pages

  • Social Media Marketing Plans & Implementation 

  • Email Campaigns

  • Press Releases

  • Publicity Interviews

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